The NP Browser is an attempt at providing a safe browsing experience for children/teens on the Windows 8.1 or 10 OS platforms (desktop only, no mobile). This browser allows parents to have complete control of their children's internet browsing. This browser restricts bad content that children could be trying to access directly or by accident through key words that have been programmed into it to catch and block. It also blocks/allows social media, such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, TikTok, Discord, and Snapchat, based on what the parent decides. Parents can set time limits for when the browser can be used during the day, and how long each of their children can use the browser each day through individual profiles set up for each child in the browser itself. There is also a specific area to limit YouTube to specific channels that the child can access. While YouTube restrictions are turned on, videos by any YouTube channel that has not been specifically typed into the child's Authorized YouTube Channels list by the parent cannot be accessed. The parent's e-mail account is registered by the browser, and the parent is e-mailed any time the child tries to access content that is restricted by the browser. The e-mail is sent with a link to the material being blocked for the parent to click on and view (and possibly discuss with their children). Also, the browser history is inaccessible by the child, however, it IS tracked, and a daily history report is sent the parent e-mail, so that they can review their child's history, and get a feeling for what kind of content they access on a daily basis. And all of the browser restrictions are completely customizable by the parent, per child. You can remove restricted key words or add more, add exceptions for certain restricted key words, or turn on/off social media restrictions, image/video restrictions, etc. It also blocks other browsers from being used on the system, while the NP Browser is installed, but other browsers can be allowed by the parent and accessed. All of this in a simple parent control panel that is only accessible to the parent. Hope to see you soon! - JJA

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In the Parental Browser settings, you can restrict images/videos/social media, type in keywords that you would like to restrict in the browser, or add exceptions to restricted words.

In the "Alternate Browser Restrictions" screen, you can allow or restrict the use of other browsers on the computer.

The "Restrict YouTube by Channel" feature is optional. If you would like to use it, here you can set up YouTube channels that can be used by your child. Only YouTube channels in the list will be able to be accessed.

Set time limits for what times of day the browser can be used, and how much time each child has to use it.